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Keep Things Personal

A Better Way to Communicate

When it comes to customer relationships, the terms of engagement are changing.

People are no longer willing to rely on email ticketing and phone trees to get the information they need. They want to meet on their turf, using messaging platforms like SMS and FB Messenger.

That’s why we built Argo, a dashboard tailored to your company's needs. Now you can scale your customer communication without losing the intimacy of a human, one-to-one conversation.

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Dashboard Features

  • Channel Agnostic

    Connect any messaging channel: Twilio (SMS), Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, and others.

  • Detailed with Data

    Enrich conversations with important information from a CRM or your backend.

  • Workflow Specific

    Integrate Javascript components and set canned responses to support your workflow.

  • Chatbot-friendly

    Automate on-boarding and common requests, have a human take over when needed.

  • Intuitively Organized

    Segment conversations by recent activity, user tags, CRM fields, etc.

  • Built for Teams

    Detect collisions, assign conversations, and collaborate in real-time.

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